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07/14/14 08:26 AM #1    


Curtis Chadwick Downs

Thanks David for all your work and getting this site up and running.  One quick question.  How do I edit my attendance answers to the reunion questions? Neve rmind I got it.  I will be at Ozona's.  Thanks again, Chad

07/14/14 12:10 PM #2    


David Eisenlohr

Chad, I don't (yet) know. I thought I had deleted the registration items, frankly. I set them up to try and figure out how they worked. I'm not really ready to take registrations because I have not figured out how - or even if - to enable and configure credit card payments!

02/10/24 09:17 PM #3    


David Eisenlohr

The dates for the Class of 74 50th year reunion are October 4-5, 2024. Mark your calendars and plan your travel! 

03/30/24 03:07 PM #4    


David Eisenlohr

Test of class messaging forum


03/31/24 07:33 AM #5    

Jenny Liebes (Castellaw)

And Golden Scots luncheon ( where class of '74 will be honored and we will receive our 50 year pins) , will be Saturday September 14th!

04/01/24 09:05 AM #6    

Jay Padgitt

Jenny L. - I'm sorry, but that's impossible.  Please recheck your math.


04/01/24 01:53 PM #7    

Ellen Anderson (Logan)

Yeah Jenny - What Jay said!! 

04/02/24 12:30 PM #8    


Grace Glover

Well, I'm confused, mostly bc I am bad at math. Is the date of the luncheon incorrect and do we need to register for it separately from the reunion or is it part of the event? 

04/02/24 04:27 PM #9    


David A. Cunningham

David, thanks so much for setting up this website and all the work on the reunion. 


04/03/24 08:32 AM #10    

Jenny Liebes (Castellaw)

Hi Jay and Gracie, the Golden Scots reunion is separate from our class reunion, most classes usually do reunion the same weekend but apparently our class is not so they will be two separate events. If the HP alumnae foundation has your email address, you should get an invitation to The Golden Scots luncheon. It usually starts with a tour of the highschool around 10'am followed by lunch, then recognition of the class being honored for 50 years ! So nobodies math sucks😂




04/03/24 08:55 AM #11    

Jay Padgitt

Sorry to confuse, Gracie.  I was just teasing about "50 year reunion".  I'm too young to participate in a 50 year reunion and at first thought this was for my dad.

04/03/24 09:53 AM #12    


Mike Umphress

How did the system time get pushed to July?

04/03/24 09:54 AM #13    


Mike Umphress

Never mind.  I was reading the top as the most recent post.


04/03/24 12:29 PM #14    


Grace Glover

Thanks, everyone, for the clarification. I would love to have a  50 year, pin mostly to prove that I have made it this far. Not sure if the alumni association has my email address but I will check.

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