Missing Classmates

Making Progress but Still Need Help Finding Classmates!

The following listing of our classmates - and some favorite high school faculty - are those for whom we either have no email record at all, or from whom we have received bounces when attempting contact. These are the people we need to find and contact very soon.

If you have, or can find, email addresses for any of these people, please send them a link to this site.  www.hpscots74.com

Please encourage them to plan on attending the reunion and instruct them that by clicking the "Join Here" link on the home page and then finding their name on the roster, they can complete their profile information. Encourage them, too, to provide complete contact info including not only email but physical address, phone number, etc.


Elizabeth Atlee
Charles Badgett
Peter Bagg
Robin Ball
Robert Bass
Michael Bembenek
Sherrie Burford (Schork)
John Burke
Frances Calvert
Robert Campbell
Carolyn Cohen
Sa Coleman (Lemar)
Keith Comfort
David Cook
Scott Cramer
Kimberly Crawford (Rogers)
Mark Daughn
Steven Dunton
Cynthia Elmore
Greg Fournet
Renate Fusshoeller
Edward Giles
Jose Gonzalez
Kathy Hankins (Henderson)
Jeff Hooker
James Hughes
Molly Knight (Flowers)
J Lee Latzer
Cindy Lawther
Chin Lee
Laurie Little (Reay)
Laura Luby (Davidson)
Jay Manning
Mickey McBee
Carla McFarland (Setser)
Della McFatridge (McCranie)
David Meadart
Margaret Meeks
Lance Miller
Mike Millet
Mary Millett (Mata)
Wes Neathery
Sherry Nielsen
Danny Olson
Katie Owen
Nancy Pedigo (Kennedy)
Blair Pedrick (Cherny)
Nancy Peterson
Sue Pittman (Davis)
Stephanie Placko (Bowie)
Bob Prejean
Roger Pryor
Woody Robison
Robert Rogers
Carl Rupert
Marla Ruth
Nancy Sanford
Anna Sizer (Womble)
David Sizer
Stacey Soper
Cynthia Stephens
Merile Stevenson
Paul Summerlin
David Turner
Don Turner
Rip Underwood
Cordelia Venechanos
David Walker
Laura Wheeler
Bob White
Neil Willard
David Williams
Philip Williams
Tancy Wynne (Spence)
Nancy Young (Dorociak)