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Paul LeCroy

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05/11/15 02:50 PM #1    

David Eisenlohr

January 30, 1956 - May 6, 2015

Paul Vinzant LeCroy of Dallas, Texas

passed away on May 6, 2015 at the age of 59.

05/12/15 06:52 PM #2    

Madeline Gray (Merritt)

Wow! That makes me so sad! I think of Paul as a nice, kind, handsome and funny fellow .  Thanks David for letting us know.


05/12/15 08:53 PM #3    

San Baird

Gut wrenching to hear when one of our classmates dies....I too remember Paul a kind and likeable so sorry to hear.......san

05/15/15 09:33 AM #4    

James Sigler

Paul Lecroy was one of my very best friends in high school, college and throughout life. Paul and I both came from families of educators and often we were likened to the old wives tales of preacher's kids. Paul was a thrillseeker and he and I shared many memories of wild car and motorcycle adventures. We went to college together. I won't elaborate on a family website but a good time was had by all. Not many people know that Paul was a veteran. We all owe him a debt of grattitude because he served his country to preserve our freedom. 

Paul and I shared apartments in college and in the early 80's. We partied on Greenville Avenue for many years while we were single and I'm sure there are many friends he made wherever he went that would want to pay their respects. I never lost touch with Paul for more than a few months here and there but as great of a person as he was he suffered for years with personal issues. Paul has a son, Janson, who is now without a father and I greive most for him because he has lost his grandfather, grandmother and father within the last two years. I also greive for the rest of Paul's family, his sisters Karen and Marie. Growing up with the Lecroys I was treated as family.

One story that remains strongly in my memory was that I was so jealous that Paul's dad got him a motorcycle when we were 15 and my parents did not approve.  I had a job so I bought a motorcycle and Paul let me hide it at his house so my dad would never know. Paul's dad found my motorcycle and got me over there and he explained that he could not be part of hiding this from my dad but after some convincing on Paul's part he agreed to smoothing it over with my dad. I still had to face my dad but Paul and his dad helped me convince him I should keep the motorcycle. Two weeks later Paul and I had a head on collision and I broke my leg and my motorcycle. Paul brought my crumpled motorcycle to my house and put it in my bedroom so he and i could rebuild it.

I could relate a 1000 more stories about Paul but that was the most appropriate for this site.

Paul suffered greatly in his last few weeks but I had the opportunty to talk to him and tell him I loved him just prior to his death.

I'm glad Paul is at peace now but I will miss him a lot.

05/16/15 11:33 AM #5    

David Eisenlohr

Thanks so much, Jamie, for your post. I did not know Paul well and I appreciate this glimpse into your friendship. I did not know that he served in the military and, as the parent of an Army officer, that hits home. What branch of the service was he in?  

Your motorcycle story is hilarious! As many of our classmates did, I had the opportunity to "meet" your Dad in the course of his exercise of his official duties. I imagine that he had some well chosen words of advice for you after that crash!

Best wishes. Hope to see you soon.


05/16/15 04:51 PM #6    

Mary Livingston (Baskin)



Thank you for telling us about Paul! I have lost touch with most of our classmates over the years but having been touched by Paul's death and Kathy's, I wanted to extend my deepest sympathy to those that hold them dear. I thought of Paul and could help but remember the night Jamie that you took your dads car out. You along with Paul, Therese, me and a few others ran into the "crazy man" at the village apts. As everyone scattered across the fields( as you needed to get the car back) Paul and I had to go find my mother and tell of what had happened! After police helicopters and lots of activity we found our lost friends! I have told the story many times!!it was hilarious!!

I saw a quote this week that I think is appropriate - don't complain about getting old - many don't have that choice

All best




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